Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Pasha du Valentine Artists Statement

I feel like I am at a privileged time....a time when I can do anything I like despite my age. Women like Vivienne Westwood and Debbie Harry and Madonna too are making it easy for post menopausal women to do so many things that for generations have been closed to us. I hope I can be part of that movement too. I am making music with my band, I can use sex and sexuality in my art, I can write freely about my personal journey and my physical and emotional experiences. I can carve a media career for myself. This is an amazing time to be a person like me.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Brighton Arts Club available to lease

Hi everyone.
I am keen to rent the studio on a more independent level and have had agreement from my landlord about an official sublet. Goddamn Radio is really my baby and the 16/18 hour days are killing me.

I have applied to the council for reduced rates as we are not for profit so they may be as low as a a few £s each if there were 5 of you sharing.
Here are the preliminary notes for the contract which will be a legally binding one to protect everyone.
Studio times can be all night if you needed if everyone could take off their shoes after 7pm.
Laura and Yassin are interested in a 5 person share with permanent studio space.
I would no longer be involved.
The upfront rent would be less than £600 for 3 months so you could focus on your work for the period.
I am happy for a 3 month trial or longer contract.
The nature of the business will be agreed at the start of each term and must not be changed without prior consultation.
The business must be 100% legal.
The hours of business should be day times only to be agreed before the term and contract begin. (Longer for quiet tenants)
As the area is residential the business must be of a reasonable sound level as in keeping with adjacent businesses.
Goddamn Radio is looking for a tenant in retail or service industries who will operate within the hours of 8am to 7pm allowing for radio recording during quiet evening periods.
The toilet and front door access is to be shared with Pasha du Valentine and guests and staff at the Goddamn Radio Station.
Rates and electricity will be shared equally pending approval of any excessive equipment used. There are to be only two key holders, Pasha for Goddamn Media and the tenant(s).
The radio station will have access to the garden for the cats through a cat flap in the decking and for fire escape use in the event of fire or other danger.
A trap will be put in and should not be covered by the tenant.
The upkeep of the garden and the shop is the responsibility if the tenant but the owner, Goddamn Media will work together with the tenant to solve any problems regarding safety or maintenance.
The tenant must take care not to block the toilet or drains as the shop is at the bottom of a long line of plumbing for which Goddamn Media is financially responsible.
Emergency water and drain problems will be charged to the tenant where negligence is apparent.

Payment is £900 per month payable 3 months in advance.
Rates and electricity are to be shared equally.
Electric for the whole building is currently £100 pcm for which I would be responsible for £50 (summertime) and the other £50 to be shared with the tenant(s).
Please note, the rates are currently in review as Goddamn Media is claiming a not for profit reduction.
Rates without the reduction are approximately £40 each per week but could be halved if the non profit award is agreed.
The contract is renewable every 3 months but Goddamn Media is happy to assume a rental period of 12 months with 3 monthly payments in advance.
Goddamn Media will respect privacy of the tenant and this respect of space must be mutual. Goddamn Media will keep its door locked when necessary.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

GODDAMN RADIO: What's On Brighton this week!

GODDAMN RADIO: What's On Brighton this week!: open mic this Friday with live radio jam 7pm -10pm Thursday is Ladies Day in aid of UNICEF 2pm -8pm Afternoon life dra...

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Artist's Statement by Pasha du Valentine
For one year I will take the role of a dominatrix in all forms of my private and professional life. The Dominatrix is, for this year, who and what I am and she will be the subject of art works, radio broadcasts, films, journals/blogs and ultimately a book.
Through the Golden Dominatrix I will explore the many complexities of human interactions within the sub/dom relationship.
I will explore female supremacy or true and pure power and how or if is ever achievable outside of the role play arena and the power dynamic within the slave/master setting.
I will explore how sexual fetishistic relations or enactments help or hinder equality either within or beyond the dungeon or other Dominatrix' domains.
I will explore all emotional and physical aspects of the FEMDOM

Monday, 24 August 2015

Cheapest artist studios and office desk space in Brighton £5 per week

Brighton Arts Club is now relocated at the Goddamn Media centre along Lewes RD in central Brighton.
Members get free studio or design or office space all week plus lots of other perks.

Membership of the studios is around a fiver a week.

£75 minimum 3 month contract

Text Pasha 07757781957 for a call back